Our Aims

Conférence des Nations Unies sur les changements climatiques – COP21 (Paris, Le Bourget)

The UKESM project is charged with developing, and applying UK Earth system models (UKESM) and providing user support for these models to the wider NERC/academic community.

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Structure and collaboration

The UKESM core development group integrates component model developments into a full ESM.

UKESM1 has the global climate model HadGEM3 as its core, coupling in models for:

(i) terrestrial carbon cycle and vegetation,

(ii) ocean biogeochemistry,

(iii) atmospheric chemistry and aerosols and

(iv) continental ice sheets.

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Science and research themes

The UKESM project is structured into 5 Research Themes:

RT1 finalises development and release of UKESM1, including user support. RT1 will also carry out CMIP6 experiments that form the basis for the science objectives of the project.

RT2 emphasizes evaluation of UKESM1, performed both at the process-level (RT2.1), and for the fully coupled ESM (RT2.2).

RT3 emphasizes scientific analysis of Earth system projections, including investigation of emergent constraints to reduce uncertainty in future feedbacks.

RT4 develops the component models for future UKESM.

RT5 targets improvement of fully coupled versions of UKESM.

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