1-day UK CMIP6 workshop on February 27th at the Said Business School in Oxford

The workshop aims to cover topics such as:

  1. Update/inform the community on progress with UK model CMIP6 simulations
  2. Update/inform the community on timelines for UK model data being available on the CEDA Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF)
  3. Inform/discuss with the community preferred/optimal ways to access and analyse CMIP6 data
  4. Begin discussions on (UK community) scientific analysis of CMIP6 data (UK models and the wider CMIP6 multi-model ensemble)
  5. Discuss and (possibly) define non-UK model CMIP6 data to be mirrored at the CEDA ESGF

See a summary of notes and minutes with links to all presentations from the past UK CMIP6 workshop in Oxford.

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