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There will be plenty of science at COP27! Check out the COP27 IPCC Programme for the events that are being streamed from Egypt, the EU COP27 UN Climate Change Conference: EU side events that are on-site or online, and the UK Pavilion Programme

Fiona O’Connor from the Met Office will be talking in Egypt at the UK pavilion at 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm on Thursday, 10 November 2022 in the session “Co-benefits and trade-offs of climate action, uncovering new incentives for early climate action”

The benefits of avoided impacts from lower emissions will be felt over coming decades. However, the co-benefits of climate action on aspects such as air quality, health, energy and food security can be realised much sooner and add to the benefit of avoided climate impacts. This event will highlight current understanding of co-benefits and trade-offs of different mitigation and adaptation interventions, placing them in the context of current societal challenges. The event will provide evidence that can be used to reinforce the advantages of early climate action and will contribute new knowledge that can be used in the global stock take.

This work is based on the new capability of running a fully emission-driven CH4 cycle in UKESM1 model and allows us to better evaluate co-benefits of climate action on #AirQuality. See our previous news article on methane.

Watch the event live:

The Physical Climate at 2oC and 4oC as seen in the UK Earth System model (UKESM1) will be presented as a poster at COP27