UKESM1 Model release – Feb 2019

The 1st version of the UK Earth system model (UKESM1), jointly developed by NERC and the Met Office Hadley Centre, is now released for use by UK researchers. UKESM1 consists of the HadGEM3 coupled physical climate model plus additional components that model key biogeochemical, chemistry, aerosol and vegetation processes. Two model configurations are available following the CMIP6 pre-industrial and historical (1850-2014) experiment protocols. Instructions are also provided on how to run the model following either the CMIP6 1% transient CO2 or abrupt 4xCO2 protocols. An atmosphere-land only (AMIP) version of UKESM1 will be released shortly.

Researchers wishing to use UKESM1 should go to where instructions are provided on how to access and configure the model to run on NERC and Met Office computer systems.