Predicting Climate Change  – Going big on public engagement!

Two projects are joining forces at the New Scientist Live Exhibition “the world’s greatest festival of ideas and discoveries” on 7-9 October at the ExCeL Centre in London. The UK TerraFIRMA project and the European Union funded ESM2025 project work complementarily on Earth System modelling and use the models to develop climate simulations to help design climate mitigation and adaptation strategies.

On our exhibition stand, “Predicting Climate Change”, we will have the amazing 3D globe from the National Oceanography Centre to explore the oceans, atmosphere and the land as well as how climate change is expected to change our planet in the future. The Office of Climate Education (OCE) from Paris will bring along some fun and yet serious games on the carbon cycle & Earth System Models, especially aimed at children. OCE are part of the ESM2025 and are developing pedagogical educational resources and providing professional development workshops to European teachers, on climate education, as part of the project.

Project scientists and climate communicators will be on hand to answer questions and you will be able to challenge your friends on their knowledge about climate change in our two interactive quizzes.

New Scientist Live will have 5 stages, 56 main stage talks, 80 exhibitors, one day for schools, one weekend for everyone. If you want to know more about climate science and models, or if you are simply into new ideas and discoveries, have a look at the line-up of speakers and exhibits. Tickets are still available.

Have a go at our Climate Change Quizzes and check out our Climate Change Storyboards & Animations