UKESM participated in several COP26 related activities, including a presence in the Green Zone (public events in the Glasgow Science Centre) in Glasgow. See details below for more information. Follow us on Twitter at @UkesmProject

Monday 8th November. The UKESM team was represented at the COP26 Universities Network stand in the Glasgow Science Centre. We showed our latest video storyboards (see below) and quizzes (coming soon) to test your knowledge.

Tuesday 9th November. The UKESM team was part of the UKRI exhibition in the Glasgow Science Centre showing our latest visuals on the impact of 2oC global warming (see videos below).

An EU side-event onlineEnsuring an effective Global Stocktake: what role for civil society & the climate science community?Wednesday 10 November. Through our collaboration in European projects, CRESCENDO and ESM2025.

In the Images of Innovation Exhibition at the Ramshorn Theatre in Glasgow and online, UKESM presented Four possible climates in 2100 | University of Strathclyde.

Check out our videos about climate change and what the impacts could be in the next century